Hill walking around Valea Zimbrilor – Vama Buzaului

5 Hours

Valea Zimbrilor Sanctuary is the main touristic attraction in Vama buzaului area; it was established in 2008, having, initialy, a population of 5 buffalos (brought here from Austria, Italy and Switzerland). In 2009, other 5 buffalos (from France, this time) joined the sanctuary. Nowadays, there are over 35 buffalos sharing the park together with some deers.

Vama Buzaului is a beautiful village located in Transylvania, at about 45km to Brasov. It is, definitely, one of the best options that you have, if you consider escaping from busy places, to explore unbeaten trails and to enjoy bucolic picturesque sceneries. The village is surrounded by mountains (Ciucas, Tataru, Tatarutu and Siriu Mountains) covered by  beautiful forests and alpine pastures.

The hike that I propose to you is an easy walk around the hills that surround Valea Zimbrilor (Buffalos’ Valley) and small village of Acris: there are no technical difficulties being open for beginners or families with children. Of course, I would recommend you spending some more days here, to enjoy the local hospitality and cuisine, or for trying some more difficult hiking on the Northern side of Ciucas Mountains.

We will start/finish our hike from/to the car park of  Valea Zimbrilor Sanctuary and in about half of hour we’ll be already higher up for having all around views. The route will stay, generally, into open ground, with some periods into the wood. It is unmarked and unbeaten being known only by locals: the views to Ciucas and Siriu Mountains are just stunning. The pace will be slow and relaxed in order to allow everybody enjoying the sceneries and taking some good pics. It will be, also, enough time for developing some basic skills for land navigation (using a map and compass).

Of course, our tour wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Buffalo Sanctuary.

The booking principle is, as always very simple: first come, first served. The tentative kit list, that will help you preparing your equipment, for the hike can be found here.

If you are looking for accommodation facilities, please check the links below:

You can, also, get reliable information from Touristic Information Center, located near the Buffalos’ Sanctuary.

Finally, you might be interested in horse riding; Vama Aniral offers some unforgetable tours around the village.

Before booking your place, please read carefully the Grading System and my Terms and Conditions.

This is an excellent tour for those visiting Bisons Reservation from Vama Buzăului, and want to spend some more time into the nature, enjoying the fresh air and scenery around the village.

This itinerary and the duration of the activities are subject to change due to group abilities and preferences, and weather conditions and forecasts.

Cost includes:

  • professional guiding services offered by a fully qualified and licensed international mountain leader (fluent in English);
  • Rental of trekking poles (not mandatory, but highly recommended);

Cost doesn't include:

  • Lunch at one of the Local Gastronomic Points (optional, at a cost of 60 RON/person);

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Hill walking around Valea Zimbrilor – Vama Buzaului
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  • Vama Buzaului Touristic Information Center
  • Very Easy
  • up to 14 persons
  • not included (arrangements can be done on request)
  • available in the area
  • Available at one of the Local Gastronomic Points

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May 1, 2018