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My name is Florin-George Bană and I'm a member and trainer of SGLM (Society of Mountain Guides and Mountain Leaders), professional association that is internationally affiliated to UIMLA (Union of International Mountain Leader Associations).

RML (Romanian Mountain Leader) Guided Tours is the project started in 2008, when I decided running my own business as an international mountain leader and tour guide. From very beginning, the main objective was providing the highest level of quality for the services provided and safety.

Why would you join my activities? Well, there are some answers that will convince you that you'll make the right decision:
- I plan carefully my trips and expeditions, bringing to you the best selection of destinations.
- All my tours are customizable and I am always happy tailoring them in accordance with your requests.
- The selection of my partners (that will provide guiding and logistic support) is done without compromises. They must obey all legal requirements and ready to join the quality standards.
- I always pay attention to the technical inspection of the equipment that is going to be used during the trip.
- I am always focused on my training as long as this is the best support for the safety of my friends (that is you).

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