terms and conditions


I strongly recommend you booking your holiday as soon as possible, because I am working on principle “First come, first served!”.

Please, read carefully all information about the tour, including the kit list, and make a realistic assessment of your capabilities.

If you decide that you want to hire me, just click on CONTACT  button and email me or call me. I promise you a quick answer with all necessary details.

After the first contact I will request to you some information regarding the size of the group, the age of the participants, health condition, fitness condition, duration of your holiday, estimated budget and how you see your holiday.

Payment for my services will be done as follow: 30% after hiring me and receiving the necessary details and 70 % with minimum 30 days before the starting day of the tour. Payment can be done(via bank transfer or TranferGo) in euros or in lei-RON (Romanian currency) at the rate of exchange established by National Bank of Romania (click here to check the rate of exchange).

Travel Insurance

It is mandatory for all clients to take travel insurance. Your policy should cover mountainous trekking activities, helicopter rescue and repatriation.

The final responsibility is mine!!!

The safety of all my clients on my tours and activities is my highest priority.

However, you should be aware that the mountain environment can be unpredictable. I endeavour to take all reasonable precautions to ensure your safety and enjoyment in the mountains. No matter how professional or experienced guides may be, not all events can be avoided or predicted, and such events may present unforeseen elements of risk.

Clients book with the understanding that I have the final responsibility for making decisions on behalf of the group and their safety whilst on their holiday. If I consider that the fitness, health, anti-social or illegal behavior of a client may endanger the safety of the rest of the group, I have the authority at any time to exclude the client from continuing on the holiday. In this situation the excluded client is not entitled to a refund or compensation.

Undeclared ill-health or medical information!!!

Please inform me at the time of booking if you suffer from any medical condition or otherwise, that might affect you or the group’s enjoyment or your ability to participate appropriately on a tour. In the case of a client’s undeclared ill-health impeding the progress of a tour, I may seek to recover costs from the client.


All tours and activities take place in the mountain environment where the effect of the weather can be particularly severe, even during the summer. The weather can limit what we are able to do, and client safety is my first consideration. There may be occasions where we are unable to complete a planned stage or activity due to the prevailing weather.

Being fully informed before you trek!

Please also ensure that you have read and understood all the information on this website and particularly in relation to the tailor-made nature of my holidays.


If the client decides to cancel his trip, he owes penalties to the travel agent as follow:

a) 30% from the total cost of hired services, at any moment of cancellation;

b) 50% from the total cost of hired services, if cancellation is done with 20-30 working days before the starting day of the trip;

c) 100% from the total cost of hired services, if cancellation is done with less than 20 working days before the starting day of the trip;

If you have any inquiry please feel free to Contact Me.