piatra craiului national parkPiatra Craiului National Park is located in Southern Carpathians and includes the entire ridge of Piatra Craiului Mountains, plus some parts of the Rucar-Bran and Rucar-Zarnesti corridors.
Initially, the area has been established as natural reserve, in 1938, covering 440 ha. In 1972, that was extended to 900 ha and nowadays it has around 9894 ha (with a special preservation area of 4879 ha).
In 1990, it was declared National Park, with the purpose of preservation its biodiversity and landscapes.
Because of proximity to the city of Brasov (about 30km) and easy access, it is a very popular destination for hikers, backpackers and, also, rock climbers.

Hiking, Trekking, Backpacking

Hiking through Prapastiile Zarnestilor (Zarnesti Gorge), Pestera and Magura villages is the most popular loop within Piatra Craiului National Park. It offers an excellent opportunity...
Hiking the Northern Ridge of Piatra Craiului Mountains is, for sure, one of the most popular tours. Please be aware that it's a both physically...