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The Via Ferrata (Latin for “iron way”) is a mountain route equipped with steel cables, ladders, and other fixed anchors, for example wooden walkways and suspended bridges. It is considered to be the connection point between hiking and climbing.

The artificial equipment renders feasible an exposed route even to the inexperienced climber, and allows those not versed in climbing technique to hike on ledges, climb vertical walls, and reach the peaks of mountains. However, you must be aware that the falling factor on a via ferrata route might be up to 6 (for comparison, the normal falling factor during rock climbing is 2). For this reason it’s recommended to be accompanied by a professional mountain guide that will provide you the right (and technically checked) equipment, advisory and supervisory.

For a better understanding and seeing the equipment necessary for these tours, please check the video below:

Have a look to the via ferrata tours that I offer to you and message me for booking yours or for asking any inquiry.

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